CONTACT: johndkilburn@gmail.com   BLOGjonskibeat.wordpress.com

Johns current practice focuses primarily on drawing and the use of formal practices and structures to allow his expressive and cartoonish tendencies to find an artistic balance. These structures include screen printing, paper engineering, typography, bookmaking, narrative and prose. He likes to experiment within these structures, intentionally breaking the rules, creating new rules or challenging their normal applications. John is very interested in humour, he sees a parallel between his rule breaking and the way some jokes allow us to gain pleasure from sources we normally repress such as violence, sex or absurdity.

John is currently attending an MA in Authorial Illustration at University College of Falmouth.


  • Slut Clothing/Love Riot
  • Marlborough School, Falmouth
  • Great Torrington School – School logo design


  • EMAP Publishing (Therapy Weekly)
  • Bull Roger Design, London
  • 26 Stories of Christmas, 26 writers collective
  • Litmusphere Journal (New Zealand issues 5 & 6)
  • West of Bohemia Magazine.

Posters/Graphic Design

  • 2011 Illustration Forum, Falmouth
  • 2012 Illustration Forum, Falmouth
  • Admiral Tree Services, Falmouth
  • Back to Mine Nightclub, Bath
  • Bath Fringe Festival
  • Bell Inn, Bath
  • Boycom, Brighton
  • DJ Alex Mischka, (Bath)
  • G-Stage @ Glastonbury Festival
  • Hat and Feather, Bath
  • Jellyhead Collective, Falmouth and Bath
  • Noise Pollution DJs, (Bristol)
  • Scarlet Blue Tents, Bath
  • Slut.co.uk, Helston
  • The Duckworths, Bath
  • The Obnoxious Toddlers, Bath
  • The Masked Ball. Porthleven


  • Bath Fringe Festival
  • The Shri Tulsi Mandir Foundation


  • Hung, Drawn and Authored. Falmouth Poly, March 2011
  • Museum of Walcot Art (MOWA), Walcot Street, Bath, Summer 2010
  • Back to Mine Nightclub, ‘Shop front’ Exhibition of Posters 2007-2010
  • Multimedia Show,Chelsea and Kensington College, Summer 2007
  • Squat Art, Ex-Car dealership, Montpellier, Bristol, August 2006
  • Solo Exhibition, The Hat and Feather, Bath, Summer 2005
  • Bath Spa University Degree Show as honorary fellow, Summer 2001
  • The Love and Worry Show, The Coningsby Gallery, London. Dec 1999
  • Peep! Degree Show, London. Summer 1999
  • Bath Spa University Degree Show, Summer 1999.


  • projectinsight.blog.com

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