I have been making flyers and posters ever since I became interested in promoting and attending social events. The art of the flyer fascinates me, particularly their throwaway nature. Information must be conveyed in the shortest time possible as most people will only take one glance. By trying to make the imagery as intriguing as possible, using bright colours and recognisable icons and  motifs I try to create reasons to look longer and visual shortcuts to convey information. Through a long association with Back to Mine! bar in Bath I have built up a very large collection – at one point I was employed to make 2 weekly posters as well as all in house graphic design, I was grateful to have almost complete creative control, my main constraint being a very fast turnover. Sometimes I had conflicts with DJs or performers/promoters about style and content but I was happy to build a ‘brand’ of flyers that were so recognisably mine that people would learn to immediately associate them with the venue.


Because of the fast turnover – most flyers would have to be made from concept to print in a few hours – and the sheer number I produced ( well over 400 ), inspiration had to come thick and fast. I defunitely drew inspiration from bad movies, movie posters, flyers, album artwork, book covers, street art, toys, as well as raiding years and years of old sketchbooks and artwork. Sometimes I just started with a scribbble or random and frantic mouse movements.


One of the qualities I like most in flyers is the sheer number that get printed and seeing the image repeated next to itself. I think flyers should ideally be viewed on mass.


Click on any of these images for a larger view then scroll through using the thumbnails.


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